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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Frustrated Netsuite User, Am I The Only One?

Netsuite is basically a good product. But for all its functionality there are many problems that need to be addressed. It is May of 05 and I still have several unresolved issues that I reported as early as last November. What is worse is that the records in my support history are seldom updated. After waiting months we are not even notified when a problem has finally been resolved.

I am very frustrated with Netsuite support and want to hear from you my fellow users.

1: Have you been having problems with Netsuite?

2: Have Netsuite "upgrades" upset your business costing you money?

3: Have you lost money because the UPS program was underestimating your shipping charges?

4: Do you feel Netsuite supports you or just logs your problems while doing little to fix them?

5: Do you feel that a company supporting your web based, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week business should offer support on weekends or atleast the day after a major upgrade?

6: Have you ever experienced a Loss of Data with Netsuite?

This is your Blog! I hope you will share your Netsuite experience with your fellow users. Ask your own questions. Talk about your problems? Share your knowledge. Together maybe we can get Netsuite to listen to us, address our concerns and fix the problems we are all experiencing. Netsuite is a good product but it could be a great product.

It's time for the Netsuite Users to be heard.

This is the Unofficial Netsuite User Blog. This blog will not be edited or censored by the company. It is our Blog. It is your Blog!

*Note - Netsuite employees may wish to add comments to this blog from time to time. If you do please identify yourselves as such. Thank you.